Saturday, August 28, 2010

How Do You Discipline a Child?

These are a question that most of the parent always asks. Is there really a pattern how to discipline a child? We parent must admit that all children are not the same; they are different in some way. We cannot compare them to one another especially if they grow in different surrounding, they have their own special way to show how discipline they are. But how we wish they will all listen to all what we are saying, but we cannot train them like a dog. Children are children, sometimes we have to let them go and let them grow as a child way they should be. We as parent should only guide them and tell them what is wrong and right, and what’s the consequence when they do something wrong.
Do our children have the right to decide for themselves while they are young? Probably the answer is depend how old they are already.  An infant do really decide what they want, we have no choice but give it to them, but when they reach the age 1 and up we dictate them already what they should do or not. Because we think that is what is right for them and we called it discipline.  In my opinion, I think it is also right sometimes to ask them what they really want and let them decide.  As I have said earlier we just have to remind the consequence of their decision.
We parent cannot discipline a child the way our parent discipline us, because as the time change. Like 30-20 years ago our parents discipline us in different way in an old fashion way because that was their time, we cannot do that in a modern time because as the time change childrens needs or belief changes also. We parent ( I think) must be flexible, too strict to our children can lead their feeling far away from us, but if learn how to get along and keep track on them we will always knew what they are doing and they will have full respect on us.
Let our children choose things on their own, let support them and keep our advice as their everyday meal. I think that discipline start on believing on them, and trust them.
What is your way to discipline your child?

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