Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Jobs through Linkedin

Before I thought LinkedIn was just for a high professional Business sector, but then when I was able to win a project that was the time I learned more about LinkedIn. The project I got was so simple, just adding and accepting connection in his account, I was able to read the rules and policy in LinkedIn. I had learned that LinkedIn can lead us to a work opportunity and there is a lot of group and discussion you can read and learn.
Then I signed up to get my own account in LinkedIn, I just submit the necessary information needed. Promoted my Virtual Assistant jobs and you know what... a few months later someone contacted me and ask me if I can work for her. I was lucky because the job she was proposing was permanently and it was so easy. I only have to post discussion 3 times a week and earned $40, they are the one who provided the discussion topic. All I have to do is posted it in some Groups discussion board which take only less than an hour a day. I get my payment bi-weekly. Sometime she is also giving me other stuff to do, of course with extra pay.
I think LinkedIn is also a good site where we can promote our skills and meet other person who has the same interest. You can also find there big time personalities like CEO, Manager, Shop owner etc. I am blogging about this not because I am doing it for profit, it’s because I wanted to share the good things that happened to me through LinkedIn.

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